The Tall Telephone peas lived up to their name.

using a ladder to harvest tall pea plants

Unfortunately, pea season is coming to a close. The garden peas look particularly bad (photo below), but the sugar snaps and the snow peas are starting to fade quickly, too. They've all stopped putting out blooms, and we're just waiting for one more small harvest before they all come out of the ground to make room for warmer weather crops: green beans, cucumbers, and watermelon.

See how ugly the garden peas are starting to look?

dying pea vines

I also pulled out this lettuce 'tree', which was getting to be a bit too tall to fit comfortably under the row cover. It's been part of quite a few salads this spring.

I'd never seen or grown sprouting broccoli before this year. Grocery store broccoli with tight, dense heads has always been the broccoli I knew. I don't even remember seeing anything different at the farmers markets in California that we frequented when we were living there. I think it's lovely when it blooms, and the flowers have made a pretty little addition to some of our salads and even on some grilled pizzas.

yellow blossoms on a sprouting broccoli plant

At last, we have cauliflower! There are two heads shaping up nicely, and two smaller ones that are just starting to show themselves. I only planted four plants, so we won't get a lot of cauliflower, but it will help us decide if we want to try growing it again. I could've grown more than the six broccoli plants that we have, but they've provided a nice harvest for just the two of us. I'm pretty sure we'll be growing broccoli again.

small cauliflower head

I'll post more about tomatoes later, but I have to share this now:

tomato turning red

One of the Stupice tomatoes has finally started to turn red! I'm pretty thrilled about it, but I have to admit, I'm still a bit jealous of my dad, who called this afternoon to tell me he'd picked and eaten his first tomato today. No fair!