And nothing says that summer's coming quite like a tomato plant full of little green balls of anticipation.

sungold tomato plant with lots of baby tomatoes

The Sungold above may be the happiest tomato in the garden right now. It's growing so fast and blooming like crazy. I don't have a control plant to compare it with, but the worm castings that I mixed in with the soil might be the reason for its vigor.

I also mixed worm castings well into the soil that filled the Topsy Turvy, and the Rutgers planted in it is looking pretty happy, too.

Rutgers tomato growing upside down in a Topsy Turvy

The hanging plant at the other end of the wood frame is a sedum of some kind that came from my grandfather's garden about twenty years ago. My parents have kept it going all this time, and I got my piece about a year ago after we moved into our new home.

The Stupice tomatoes are big enough now that I'm anxiously waiting for them to start showing some sign of ripening.

Stupice baby tomatoes on the vine

Another tomato with a growing cluster of tomatoes is the New Girl.

Cluster of tomatoes growing on New Girl plant

Another favorite of summer is green beans. I started some a bit early, and they'd been doing well even with some of the cool nights we've had.

green beans growing

Earlier this week, all of a sudden, the bottom leaves were yellow with spots all over. I guess the wet weather wasn't to their liking. I doused them with Serenade, and I hope it's got things under control, but most of the plants have completely lost their lower leaves.

Green beans that have lost their lower leaves

The remaining leaves look healthy, and at least half of the bean plants have started to flower. I just might end up with some early beans. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.