New mysteries and challenges this past week in the garden.

The new challenge is (I think) powdery mildew on my May peas. I noticed it last night. We've been having rain most evenings, so I think that's the culprit. After looking up some organic controls, I decided to remove the affected leaves and spray the peas with a baking soda solution. I hope that it helps to settle the issue, because I don't want to lose my peas so early. There are still so many blossoms and baby pods on the vines.

Looks like powdery mildew: powdery mildew on pea leaves

The tomatoes that were affected by bacterial spot look really healthy now, so using Serenade was the right decision.

Our big mystery this week is a missing pepper plant. Last night I noticed that the plant just wasn't in the garden anymore. There's no evidence that one was even in its place. The ironic part is that it was one of the peppers I had to label as a mystery pepper when some of my seedling tags got mixed up. I'll never know what it was now. It was probably a duplicate of one of the other peppers, because there was only one variety that lost all it's labels, so it's not as disappointing as it could have been.

The best part about this past week has been the harvest. We've had broccoli, peas, and lettuce on our plates several times, and we're looking forward to more. Today's broccoli had a few yellow flowers starting to open, but it still tastes great and the flowers are pretty.

The peas are so tall now that when the ones at the top are ready, we're going to need a step ladder.

very tall peas

And the pods are filling quickly with fat, sweet peas. Everyone should grow peas!

plump pea pods on vine

open pea pod filled with peas

We've harvested other plants and side shoots from the plant below since, but this was our first head of broccoli:

head of broccoli ready to harvest

harvested broccoli and snow peas in a bowl

We've had a few broccoli and pea stir-fries this week. They're quick, easy, and tasty. We've used both our snow peas and sugar snap peas that way. They also make a nice snack to just munch on while we're outside. I'm very happy with my spring gardening experiment. So far, there are no cauliflower or cabbage heads, so I don't know if I'll get anything from them before it gets to warm, but I'll just try again this autumn.