I've got a few pictures to share, but first, I thought I'd give a quick update on what's been going on that the pictures don't show.

I sprayed the tomatoes with Serenade, which I saw recommended on some posts at the GardenWeb Forums. It's supposed to suppress bacterial spot, which is what I think has affected some of my tomato plants. So far, so good. It seems to have stopped the spread on the tomato plants that were affected, and I haven't seen any signs of it on the others. It's been a bit rainy off and on the last week, so I'm going to spray them again soon and keep a good eye on them. I've given away my extra tomato plants, so I don't have back-ups anymore if any of these plants need to come out. Crossing my fingers.

Keeping the row covers on my cabbage-family plants has been a bit tricky. I'll definitely plant them differently if we grow them again this fall. They need to be grouped better, in smaller sections. One piece of row cover can't fit over them when they're planted three rows deep. Obviously, I didn't think the math through. Oops. Now, we're using two overlapping pieces, but sometimes the wind and rain we've been having will manage to make openings that those clever little cabbage butterflies get into. We've been checking the leaves at least every two days, but those eggs are so tiny, it's easy to miss some. For the last couple of days, we've been plucking itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, green caterpillars off the leaves of mostly broccoli. They seem to like it better than cauliflower and red cabbage, because there have only been a few on those plants. We haven't noticed many more eggs, though, so maybe we're winning this latest battle. I just don't want them crawling into my little broccoli florets. Yuck!

Last big issue we're having right now is that quite a few of my plants have a yellow cast to them. I'm wondering if it's too much water, or some of the cool nights we've had over the last couple of weeks, or some combination of the two. The beds seem to be draining well, but we've had rain nearly every other day, I think. The plants seem to be growing fairly well, they're just a little jaundiced. I should probably get soil test done on each bed, just in case there's a nutrient problem I need to address.

Most of the pictures below were taken on May 11.

First, the tomatoes. I'm doing a Topsy Turvy experiment this year. My dad bought a couple that he tried once or twice, and they've been sitting in his garage ever since. They didn't work very well for him, but he also neglected them for short spans when he was out of town. I'm only doing one, and it's holding my Rutgers tomato. Instead of putting the little top on it, I planted some marigold and nasturtium seeds up there. The marigolds are just starting to sprout now.

tomato planted in Topsy Turvy

A few of my other tomatoes will be living in grow bags, starting with my Sungold cherry tomato. The others haven't bee planted yet, because I'm out of potting soil and just haven't gone to get more yet. They'll be in their bags by the end of the week. The Sungold will be given the sunniest half of the arbor in our backyard. It doesn't look that way in the photo, but it was taken in late afternoon. This spot gets sun all morning and into the middle of the afternoon. This spot is also close to the back door - a good location for snacking!

Sungold tomato in growing bag next to arbor

I've planted a few seeds in the bag with the tomatoes: some marigolds and borage. I think I may put a basil plant in there too. I plan to clean out the little flower bed the bag is sitting in and fill it with some flowers, and maybe some herbs.

My Stupice tomato might be my happiest tomato plant right now - maybe because it doesn't mind the cooler temps we're still getting some nights.

Stupice with two small green tomatoes

I'm anxiously waiting for these little babies to grow up a bit more and ripen. I just wish the birds would stop sitting on top of my trellis and crapping on them. I have two other tomato plants in the same bed that are putting out their first blooms right now: Ananas Noir and New Girl.

I've never grown Pepperoncini peppers before, so I didn't know how quickly they'd grow and start making peppers.

three small pepperoncini peppers on plant

I've also never eaten them fresh, only pickled, so I hope I like them. It's nice to see peppers growing in May.

My spring plants are really doing well right now. We've had lettuce for salads about every other day (I didn't plant enough). I've been trimming leaves from the larger lettuce plants, and thinning the bed a bit by pulling out some of the baby lettuces that are getting crowded.

one square foot planted with lettuce

My other square of lettuce isn't nearly as full as this one, so this is where most of our lettuce harvest is coming from right now. I've planted a few other squares since these lettuces were planted, but the plants in them are barely more than sprouts right now. This is the Rocky Top lettuce mix from Baker Creek.

This is one of our bowls of lettuce, and a bit of spinach, that I harvested last week.

Cat investigating bowl of lettuce

I had to let my curious cat investigate the bowl of greens.

The sugar snap peas and snow peas were covered in blooms on May 11. These are the sugar snaps.

sugar snap peas in bloom

When we were out this afternoon, much to my surprise, the snow peas had started producing pods! They were small, but I couldn't resist picking a couple - one for me, one for my husband. I was just going to munch on them, but he said I should take a picture and weigh them.

two snow pea pods weighing 2 grams total

A whopping two grams of snow peas! They were delightful. I think I can force myself to let the rest get a little bigger before picking them.

Our Tall Telephone peas are living up to their 'tall' description! They're about six feet tall now, I think, and they're making bunches of pea pods.

May peas starting to grow pea pods

I've never had fresh peas from my own garden before. I get a little giddy when I look at all the blossoms and pea pods growing.

Speaking of giddiness, I was so excited to look into one of my broccoli plants to finally see... broccoli!

small head of broccoli starting to grow

It's grown pretty quickly over the last few days. It's already starting to grow some side shoots, so I'll probably harvest the main head while it's still a bit on the young side. I noticed today that two of my other broccoli plants have little flower heads now, too.

It's been fun growing things I've never grown before, especially now that they're starting to produce. I think I'm going to enjoy being a multi-season gardener.