So quick to sprout, so quick to grow. It's about as close as you're going to get to instant gratification in gardening.

Twelve days ago, bean seeds went into the ground.

Bean sprout

In about six weeks, the beans I planted will provide enough beans for a meal or two, maybe more. That's pretty fun (and tasty) stuff! I've never tried this variety (Tennessee Green Pod), but I'm looking forward to tasting and comparing it to what I grew last year (fell in love with Festina last year and will be growing more this year) and the other new varieties I want to try this year. I'm also looking forward to mixing and matching beans in the same pot or salad as harvests overlap. I have plans to grow pole beans along with succession plantings of bush beans.

When I was a kid (and teenager, and maybe my early twenties), I probably wouldn't have eaten half of the vegetables I'm growing this year (definitely not the cauliflower, no way!). My palate has changed over the many years since then, and I've learned to like a wider variety of vegetables. Green beans, however, have always been welcomed on my plate. If my mother couldn't get anything else green in me, she could always count on me eating my green beans.