I was a bit under the weather this past week, so there's been very little time in the garden. Yesterday, I was able to get out for a little bit. There's not much to do right now except watch things grow and check for any issues. Luckily, we got rain often enough that the seeds I put into the ground last weekend (and some prior) have started sprouting and are doing well.

green beans sprouting

I put in my first planting of green beans last weekend, and they're all coming up! I soaked them overnight to help them germinate more quickly. I'm only showing one square here, but I planted an adjacent square, too. I'll be succession planting bush bean varieties all summer, and once I have some trellis space available (after the peas are done), I have some pole beans I want to try. This current planting of green beans is a variety called Tennessee Green Pod, which I chose partly because of its name (my dad's from TN) and partly because it's an early maturing variety (48 days). It's supposed to start warming back up (and staying that way?) soon, so I hope they'll do well.

In the same bed with the beans, I've sown lots of other seeds.

seeds sprouting in garden bed

In the top row of squares I've planted (from left to right) Pablo lettuce, Pinwheel Mix zinnias, and some more Pablo along with a radish blend (the radishes are the largest sprouts in the picture) called Cook's Custom. We've picked a few radishes from an earlier sowing that was in the broccoli/cabbage bed, and my husband has enjoyed those.

In the bottom squares, I've got Crackerjack Mix marigolds, more radishes mixed with Cimmaron lettuce, and nasturtiums that I've seen no sign of yet. However, I have seen some bird activity in both areas where nasturtiums were planted. I think I'll be firing up our seed starting rig to give them a head start indoors.

Moving on to more baby bits of greenery...

flower and onion sprouts

The larger plants are the peppers that were planted last week. In the upper square are some yellow onion sets that I picked up on a whim while we were at a small, local garden center, Jimmy's Produce and Flowers. I've never grown onions before, but they're supposed to help repel some insects, so even if I don't get good onions, they'll still be useful. In the bottom square with all the little seedlings are some cosmos that came in some gardening publication offer through the mail. It's a mix called Bright Lights. I wasn't sure how fresh the seed would be, so I put several in each whole. Looks like I didn't have to worry. I think every one of them came up. I'll have to thin them out sometime this week when I do the lettuce and radishes.

I had to do one more installment of "watching lettuce grow." It will probably be the last, but it's been fun keeping track of how quickly these lettuce plants have started growing. They love all this rain!

collage of lettuce growing

It won't be long before I clip a few of those leaves to eat. Some of the smaller plants, like the one the largest green lettuce was swallowing, have been moved to give them more room to grow. Others will be pulled as baby lettuces or moved to better spots later. These lettuces are in the bed with the broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Everything got a close inspection yesterday to search for any signs of butterfly eggs or other pests and damage. It's all looking good right now, and we haven't seen any signs of invasion since the last one.

broccoli garden getting inspected for bugs