I remembered the weather report incorrectly, and it was last night that was supposed to get down to the high 30's, so I decided to take a chance and get a couple of my tomatoes in the ground this afternoon, with some protection from Wall O Waters. The tomatoes that I started on February 18th have gotten pretty big.

tomatoes in peat pots

Tomatoes will put out roots all the way up their stems, so if they're leggy, have weak stems, or you just want to give them the benefit of having a strong root system, you can plant them deeply. I put mine in deep holes that I amended with some purchased worm castings (don't have any of my own yet) and crushed egg shells. I also gave them a feeding of kelp extract when I watered them in.

tomato sitting in a hole

Now they look little again.

tomatoes planted deeply with only top sets of leaves above ground

The tomato on the left is Stupice, an heirloom tomato from Czechoslovakia. It's an early salad-size tomato. If all goes well, I may start getting tomatoes in mid-to-late May. The one on the right is a New Girl, which is an early maturing hybrid. I thought I'd try it this year instead of Early Girl.

Picture of Wall o Water insulators in garden bed

Once they were in, I got the Wall O Waters filled and in place. I added a little dish soap in each channel to help control bugs. The lows a little later in the week are supposed to get into the 40's again, so I hope the WoWs do a good job keeping it a bit warmer for the tomato plants.

One last picture before I go.

Peas growing in the garden

The Tall Telephone peas I planted just about a month ago are doing pretty well.

The gnats today were really bad, and they really seemed to like flying around my head. I wanted to get some more seeds into the ground, but I got tired of waving away gnats and trying to keep them from flying up my nose. I'm hoping they won't be quite so bad tomorrow.