What to do with an old half cauliflower that's starting to mold?

cauliflower in worm bin

Feed it to the worms!

This is the most food I've put in the bin at once, but the worms seem to be doing well, so I think it'll be fine. I really haven't had much to give them the last week or so, since I haven't had a lot of veggie scraps since my husband went out of town. I've been lazy, using bagged salad greens and frozen veggie mixes. Mixed with the cauliflower are the thinnings from the garden plants I've started, crushed egg shells, and the little bits of scraps from the week, and some shredded paper egg carton. Maybe it's lucky I uncovered that cauliflower for all my little wormies. I hope they like it.

A little less than a week ago, I had accumulated some apple scraps and other bits that I put into a different corner of the worm bin, and I think they liked the apples quite a bit, because they're almost gone. I didn't expect them to disappear quite so quickly.

devoured apples in worm bin

I'll check them again in a few days to see if they've gotten into all that cauliflower. I wonder how long it will take before there's as little left of the cauliflower mixture as there is of those apple scraps.