This afternoon, I transplanted most of my baby seedlings into larger pots. It's a good thing I didn't have anything else planned, because it took quite a bit longer than I expected... four hours or so. And, I still have about a dozen that need to be done. I ran out of peat pots. I put some in plastic cups, just to see how they'd do, but I'll pick up some peat cups for the seedlings that still need pots. It's a good thing we built a shelf that fills up the dining room table.

newly transplanted seedlings

A quick update on the early tomatoes. They've been living outside, hardening off, for the last few nights. Last week, I thought I might put them in the ground this past weekend. Of course, now we're getting a few nights that are getting into the 40's, and it may even get into the 30's tonight. So, I didn't plant them, and they're spending the night in the garage. I'm going to put at least a couple of them in the ground this weekend, no matter what. I'm thinking of April Fool's Day. That sounds appropriate.

first tomato plants

I know the leaves look a little spotty, and it caused me quite a bit of worry until I realized it was just pollen stuck to them.