I do!

Look what came in the mail today:

Box of worms

I ordered my worms from Earthworms 4 Sale a little over a week ago. I'm not that familiar with worms, but they look pretty good to me. I ordered one pound of redworms (eisenia fetida), also called red wigglers, for my Worm Factory. If you're wondering if a pound of worms smell bad or funny, the answer is no. The only thing I smelled was the peat that they were packed with.

As soon as I got them in the house, I opened the box, pulled back the layer of moist, shredded newspaper on top of the Worm Factory tray, and dumped the worms in.

worms in the worm factory

Last Thursday, I added some vegetable peels and tea leaves under the shredded paper to let it start breaking down. The worms eat all the little organisms that decompose the food and other organic matter, so letting the food sit in the tray while waiting for the worms to arrive will give them something to start working on as they adjust to their new home. I have the worm bin sitting under a light that will stay on overnight. They don't like the light, so it will keep them from surfacing or possibly leaving their tray.

close up of worms

I think I'll be adding some more food scraps for them soon. I have to keep them happy!