A few little updates on the garden today.

See what those darned slugs did to my poor little cauliflower plant? So glad I noticed before they chomped holes in everything.

leaf eaten by slug

Quite some time ago, my dad bought two greenhouse shelf units, but he only put one together. He gifted me the second one a few weeks ago, and I've almost finished putting it together. The metal frame is done, but the plastic needs to be attached. I didn't think to put my plants on it yesterday after I got it done. Maybe if they were on the shelf last night, the slug invasion could have been avoided. The frame is pretty lightweight, so I'm able to move it around easily. Today, I moved it so that the plants could get their first exposure to direct sunlight.

plants on greenhouse stand

Some seeds make you wait and wait before they sprout and start showing you the green. Some give almost instant gratification, like these:

radish sprouting

Radishes! These little sprouts are from seeds I put in the ground four days ago on March 12. I don't eat radishes (though I do like radish sprouts), but my husband does. They're so easy to grow. The are from some seeds we picked up at Lowe's: Burpee's Cook's Custom Mix. I'll try them; maybe I'll find some I actually like.

sprouting lettuce

Lettuce! Instead of planting this lettuce with specific spacings, the way I planted most of my other squares, I just scattered the seed all over one square foot of the garden. As they grow, I'll thin them and eat the baby greens. I decided to scatter the seeds because this is a mix of lettuce, and I thought it would be the best way to get a good mix of the lettuce varieties in the packet. I bought the seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and it is their Rocky Top Lettuce Mix. My dad is a die-hard UT Vols fan, so I just had to get this mix. Doesn't hurt that it looks lovely and has great reviews, either.