I put my seedlings out on the back steps today for some fresh air. I can't really say I'm hardening them off, because it's been unseasonably warm lately (we broke a heat record this afternoon). But, it's still good for them to be outside, I think. I haven't put them in direct sun, though. Anyway, we started getting a little rain in the late afternoon, so I left them out to get some rain water and some cooler temperatures.

What didn't I think about?


We brought the plants in, and as I was getting them settled back on the light shelf, I noticed a small hole in one of my broccoli leaves. It was one of the small seed leaves that was sitting close to the soil. That's when I saw the little bitty slug that had climbed up into the peat pot and gnawed on my broccoli. And, that's when I started to look and find oh so many more little slugs on my peat pots. We then investigated every single plant, removing slugs, for the next 15-20 minutes. Yuck!