Since my last entry, we've added a third bed to the veggie garden and put up trellises on all three beds. But first.....

Pea seedling coming through the soil


We saw 6 little pea plants breaking through the soil this afternoon. I'm growing several things I've never grown before, and peas are on that list. This is one of the Tall Telephone peas, an English pea (or May pea, as they're often called around here). I hope they'll do okay, considering the warm weather we've been having lately. It was 83 degrees today.

Once the new bed was in place, we put a thick layer of cardboard and paper down, then my husband mowed the yard and emptied the grass and leaves from the mower bag on top. The rest of the box is filled with a mix of topsoil, peat moss, and compost. Some of the compost is mushroom compost, which I've never used before. None of our beds have the same mix in them, and I probably should've kept some sort of record about what is in each one.

hanging trellis net in garden bed

The new bed is there in the background. All of our beds now have these trellises in them. We decided to try 1/2" electrical conduit (EMT) to make the trellises. I've read conflicting opinions about whether this size is sturdy enough, but it seems to work well for some people. We shall see. We're using nylon trellis netting, which has nice size holes to reach a hand through, and it's supposed to hold up well over multiple seasons. I just need to get my square foot grids put into the two beds that don't have them yet, and they'll be ready for planting. One of the beds will be getting sugar snap and snow peas, probably before the end of the weekend.

garden bed with peas and trellis

Now, the Tall Telephone peas have a trellis just waiting for them to grow big enough to grab on to it. I noticed today that birds (I assume) did some digging in part of this bed this morning. Luckily, they chose a spot that I haven't planted yet, but I don't expect that luck to hold on much longer. So, it looks like bird netting is going on the shopping list. They didn't mess much with it last year, and they aren't bothering the bed that we built earlier this year. I did find a lovely worm when I moved the thyme, so I'm wondering if the birds are finding some nice worms, too. I guess those CDs aren't having the deterrent effect I hoped they would.