Finally got some more seeds in the garden this afternoon. Still waiting on those peas to show themselves. If I don't see something soon, I may become impatient and start digging around to see if there's any evidence of pea sprouting. In addition to my lazy peas, I now have some carrot, lettuce, radish, spinach, and oregano seeds in the soil. More waiting! I also moved my thyme plant and found a lovely surprise... I had a worm! I hope I start seeing more of those; they're so good for the soil.

Speaking of waiting and worms, I got a Worm Factory about a month ago and finally got it prepped for worms. I ordered them last night, and they should be arriving sometime next week. So excited! I've wanted to start vermicomposting for a while, but my husband's been a little unsure about keeping worms in the house. The Worm Factory looks nice and neat, so I was able to win him over with it. This is my waiting Worm Factory:

closed worm factory

Under the lid is shredded newspaper; the food scraps go under this layer of newspaper.

shredded paper layer in worm factory

Under the shredded paper is a layer of coir, paper, a small amount of soil, and some crushed egg shells as bedding for the worms.

bedding layer in worm factory

I should have some food scraps after I make dinner tomorrow that will be added to the Worm Factory, along with some tea leaves I've saved, under the paper layer. That will give it plenty of time to start breaking down before the worms come.

Before I go, a quick look at my seedlings. Mostly tomatoes have come up, but there are a few peppers starting to peek out, as well as my eggplant and summer savory. If most of my plants do well, I'll have more than I can use, but I hope I can share the extras.

growing seedlings