I made my light shelf with a shop light, using daylight fluorescent tubes, and the grow light that came with my seed starting kit. I started a new tray full of seeds early this week, and some of them are sprouting now (yay!). Part of the tray is sitting directly under the grow light, which is hanging just above the tray. But, my tomatillo seedlings really want that 'daylight'.

seedlings reaching for daylight fluorescent

As you can see, even though they have that grow light just above their little heads, they want the other light. And, even though the daylight tubes aren't directly over some of the older plants, the side reflectors on the light fixture seem to be enough to keep them growing straight instead of bending and reaching.

older seedling under daylight fluorescent

I feel a bit bad that the kit my husband got me for Christmas has been replaced so quickly with our homemade project. I can still use it for small batches of seeds, but it certainly isn't up to doing enough seedlings for the main garden. Luckily, my husband doesn't mind, and we're chalking it up to lessons learned.